“The time is always right…

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Tweet During this challenging time in our country, let’s reflect on the roots of Martin Luther King’s value of non-violence. https://theconversation.com/meet-the-theologian-who-helped-mlk-see-the-value-of-nonviolence-89938?xid=PS_smithsonian

Ghosted? What happens to your social media information when you die?

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Tweet By Kelan Mahon : ” If current trends remain the same, Facebook will become a virtual graveyard by 2065 with the number of dead members outweighing the living.”   Read more..  

Bina48 comes to Brooklyn…Worlds Fair Nano

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Tweet Bina48 and Bruce Duncan, Director of the Terasem Movement Foundation  will be speaking at next months Worlds Fair Nano two day tech exhibition at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint, Saturday September 16th.     “One of the more intriguing expert speakers in the lineup is Bina48, one of the worlds most advanced social robots. read more…

“Hello, are you there Dad?” Dadbots, Mindfiles, and Avatars

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Tweet A recent tech story that illustrates the idea of using today’s digital tools to pay “yourself forward” to future generations, caught my eye this week. The news article was Wired Magazine’s article  “How a Son Made a Chatbot of His Dying Dad.. James Vlahos’ father was dying, so he set out to save his dad’s read more…

Bina48 mentioned in NYTimes Photography Review of “Humanoid”

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Tweet NYT Photography; “One of the most amazing parts of Mr. Aguilera-Hellweg’s book comes at the end, where he has pictures of Bina48, a geminoid bust made by Martine Rothblatt to resemble her spouse, Bina Rothblatt, who spent 20 hours recording her life history. Those recordings were programmed into the machine, along with other algorithms, to read more…

Volunteer your time, talent, and skills at the LifeNaut Project!

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Tweet At LifeNaut.com we are always looking for inspired and dynamic Volunteers and Interns that would like to contribute to the growth and development of the LifeNaut Project. If you have skills in Mentoring, Web/Mobile App Development,PR,Marketing,Volunteer Engagement and Social Networking please visit our Volunteer Sign-Up link or send us an email (terasm@gmavt.net) and we will contact you to read more…

Whoopi talks to Bina48!

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Tweet The Terasem Movement Foundation continues to push the boundaries of innovation and has a created  a robotic artificial intelligence system, Bina48, that uses software to simulate the human mind.  The hope is that this will allow those we love to still be with us even when their bodies are gone. Start creating your free mindfile today read more…

Dear NYC/NJ/CT Lifenaut Participants.. CBS News would like to hear from you..

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Tweet April 18th, 2016 CBS NEWS NY is featuring the Terasem Movement Foundation and the LifeNaut Project in a story airing on Thursday, April 28th at 11pm. As part of the story, we’d like to include local people in the NY/NJ/CT area who have signed up and are in the process of uploading their “mind files.” read more…

Morgan Freeman explores the soul of A.I. in Story of God clip

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Tweet By Aaron Sagers Mar 29, 2016 Morgan Freeman is already known the world over as the preeminent voice of pop culture, and the movie embodiment of God, but in the new National Geographic Series The Story of God, Freeman travels the world on a journey of biblical proportions. For example, in the first episode, “Beyond Death,” read more…

The LifeNaut Project and Harvard University and the Personal Genome Project team up at Fall Conference September 12,13th, 2015

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Tweet The Mind First Foundation & the Personal Genome Project at Harvard University are hosting a conference featuring the cutting edge of neuroscience, biology, cognitive science, AI, and open-access research. Register to attend for 60% off the public rate by using the code Lifenauts@MindEx2015 and join in the hands-on, brains-on experience. Meet leaders & pioneers read more…