The LifeNaut Project and Harvard University and the Personal Genome Project team up at Fall Conference September 12,13th, 2015

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The Mind First Foundation & the Personal Genome Project at Harvard University are hosting a conference featuring the cutting edge of neuroscience, biology, cognitive science, AI, and open-access research. Register to attend for 60% off the public rate by using the code Lifenauts@MindEx2015 and join in the hands-on, brains-on experience. Meet leaders & pioneers in genomics, microbiomics, neuroscience, psychology, artificial intelligence, participatory research, citizen science, and open-access research, including Drs. Martine Rothblatt, Ed Boyden, George Church, and Ronald Kessler.

Learn how to join thousands of others in using your own data to contribute to research around the world.
Promo Code for 60% Off Registration: Lifenauts@MindEx2015

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